Thursday, October 11, 2018

Northern Virginia Homes for Sale and for Rent -East Falls Church metro

Northern Virginia Home Sales - Orange Line -East Falls Church metro. As of today, these are the only properties at walking distance to the metro which are for sale

Detached Houses:
Arlington/East Falls Church - two properties  $1,650,000 and $1,725,000
Broadmont - $1,774,000
Whitehaven - $1,275,000
Madison Manor - $760,000
Roosevelt Place - $1,538,000
Berkshire Oakwood - $1,500,000

Fenwick Court - 848k
18 West - 925k

Westlee -two 2 BR units - 569k and 650k; 1 BR unit -410k

For those of you who are thinking of renting a property close to the metro, these few are still available:
Falls Station -three 2 BR units -from $2,100/mo to $2,500/mo
Westlee - two 1 Br unis - $1,995/mo each; 2 BR - $2,650/mo

Sycamore Ridge - $3,200/mo
East Falls Church - $3,400/mo

Single Family Houses:
Arlington - $2,500/mo
Madison Manor - $3,000/mo

Should you have any questions or would like to see any of these or other houses, please contact me by email at or leave a message at 703-937-0328. I will be happy to help you. Kamalia Emerson, RE/MAX Xecutex. 703-281-1000

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