Friday, March 26, 2010

Real Estate Sales in Arlington at Virginia Center Metro Station

Real Estate Sales in Arlington at Virginia Center Metro Station as of today:
Lexington Square condominium- two 1 BR units - 335k & 359k; 2 BR unit - 525k; two 3 BR units -725k & 800k. Condo fes are between $300/mo and $700/mo).
Monroe condominium - several 2 & 3 BR units from 570k to 730k with condo fees of $565/mo-$705/mo.
Tower Villas condominium - 1 BR unit for 345k with condo fee of $68/mo.
Virginia Square condominium - 2 BR unit for 475k (w/condo fee of $397/mo) and 3 BR unit for 746k (condo fee of $481/mo)
Some of the units are offered for short sale.
If you need help looking at any property which is offered for sale in Northern Virginia, Maryland (Montgomery County) or DC. call me 703-577-4277.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Real Estate for Sale in Arlington at the Braddock Metro

Real Estate for Rent at the metro:
If you cannot buy at this point, but are looking for housing at the Braddock metro, you can click on the link and see what is available

Real Estate for Sale in Arlington:
For those looking to buy, these are the subdivisions where you can find properties today:
Braddock Lofts townhouses built in 2002 - around 700k
Braddock Place condos - 270k to 390 k (1 and 2 BR units)
Braddock Place Townhouse - 555k
Carriage Works - attach.row houses - built in 1920 - 530k to 1.1 mln
Colecroft - condos - 380k - 465 (1 and 2 BR units)
Cromley Lofts - condos - 500k
Old Town townhouses- 570k- 650k
Old Town detached houses - 650k to 1.5 mln
Rosemont attach row houses - 420k-550k
The Prescott garden-style condos - 450k - 520k
The Prescott high-rise offers a 2 BR 2000 sq.ft+ for $1,250,000.
Westover townhouse - 450k
All of the above properties are within 0.4 mile from the metro station.
Please talk to a loan officer before I can show you any of these and other properties. If you are hoping to get 8k tax credit, you shold hurry. The contract should be ratified before April 30.
As usual, call me at 703-577-4277 if you have any questions.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Buy a House in Arlington - Rosslyn Metro

If you are looking to buy a house within walking distance to the Rosslyn metro, these are the townhouses for sale you can find today:
Highgate - 2 townhouses: 885k and 1.050 mln respectively - 4 level, built in 1993;
Palisades Park - 4 townhouses - from 815k - 1.275 mln - 4 level; built in 1995. The latter is an end unit with the view of the Potomac and Georgetown.
And a new detached house in Dawson Terrace - for 1,4 mln+ - 4 level 6 BR 4 1/2 BA.
You will have a much wider choice if you decide to buy a condo in Arlington. There are at least 8 condominium building located within steps to the metro:
new condo complexes : Waterview Residences; Turnberry Tower; 3 year old Wooster & Mercer Lofts; and 6 year old Terrace Lofts. Many people are attracted to the Belvedere and Atrium which were built 23+ years ago. The cheapest condo units are found in Westmoreland Terrace and Palisade Gardens, obviously these are the oldest complexes.
For only 300k you can buy a shortsale in Atrium and for 400k in Terrace Lofts.
If you need help, just call me at 703-577-4277 and I will be happy to help. It is especially important to have an experienced agent who can walk you through the shortsale process.
If you are not ready to buy yet, but would like to rent a place at the Rosslyn metro, just email me and I will send you the info.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dunn Loring Housing

Dunn Loring housing - as of today, March 9, there are several properties on the market.
Wilton House has a one-bedroom unit for 234,900
Westbriar - 2 units - (one and two bedroom) - $299k and $305k
Halstead at the metro has a 2 bedroom unit for $325k
Westbriar Plaza has a 2 level condo for $435k,
and Providence Park has a townhouse for $630.

For purchasers of new detached houses there are a couple in Ethel's Pond - between $1,150k and $1,250k.

Renters can click on this link and find properties offered for rent

Please call me at 703-577-4277 if you want to look at any properties at the metro or elsewhere.