Friday, July 23, 2010

Northern Virginia Home Sale - Orange Line - Rosslyn - July 23, 2010

Northern Virginia Home Sales - Orange Line - Rosslyn.

As of July 23, 2010, these are the subdivisions that have units offered for sale that are within walking distance to the metro station:
Arlington: penthouse - 1.5mln
Atrium:two 1 BR - 345k & 425k; two 2 BR - 695k & 849k;two 3BR - 895k & 1,025k
Belvedere: two 1 BR - 425k & 400k;eleven 2 BR units between 480k & 580k;3 BR - 910k
Colonial Village: four 1 BR - 265k to 292,5k
Corinthian:2 BR - 490k
Fairfax North Arms:3 BR - 250k
Georgetown Vista:1 BR - 290k
Highgate:3 BR - 949k; 4BR - 1,150k
Lisa Court - 3BR - 520k
Palisade Garden:two 1 VR - 269k & 278k; 2BR 310k & 318,5k
Palisades Park townhouses - 795k to 1,195k
Prospect House -2 BR 889k
Rhodes Hill Square:four 2BR - 600k to 730k
Rosslyn townhouse : 500k
Terrace Lofts:1 BR - 375k; 2 BR - 510k
The Waterview: two 1 BR-600k & 800k;four 2 BR - 895k to 2,600k
The Weslie - 3 BR - $1,125,000
Turnberry Tower: thirteen units from 675k to $3,645,000
Waterview Residences - $2,049,000
Westmoreland Terrace:two 1 BR units - 270k and 230k
Wooster and Mercer:seven units from 690k to 1,500k
Wilson Blvd - two 1 BR - 377,5k and 375k

Please talk to a lender before you start looking. If you need help, please leave a message at 703-937-0328.

For those who want to rent in Rosslyn, these are available:
Atrium Condo 7 units - $,1800/mo to $3,600/mo
Belvedere - two 1 BR units - $1,750/mo & $1,875/mo
Georgetown Vista efficiency - $1,100/mo
Palisade Garden two units $1,600 & $1,650/mo
The Waterview two units- $2,500/mo & $3,000/mo
Turnberry Tower 3 units - $3,500/mo to $3,800/mo.
Would you like to look at any of these? Please email me and I will be happy to schedule an appointment with you. 703-937-0328

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Northern Virginia Home Sales- Orange Line - East Falls Church metro

Northern Virginia Home Sales - Orange Line - East Falls Church metro.
As od July 11, 2010, these properties at the walking distance to the metro are available:
Falls Station - garden-type 2 BR condos - from 350k to 400k
Westlee condominium - two 1 BR units - 359k and 365k

Gresham Place townhouse - $899,900
Madison Mews townhouse - $823,000

11 detached houses very close to the metro:
Falls Church Park - 4 properties between 475k and 600k
Over Lee Knolls - two houses - 735k and 750 k
Sycamore Grove -$680k

Please get preapproved by a reputable lender before you start looking. If you need help, you can call me at 703-937-0328 and leave a message.

For those who are not ready to buy, but would like to live at the metro:
you can rent a single-family house just steps away from the metro - there are four available between $1925/mo and $3,750/mo.
Should you desire to look at any of these or other properties, I would be happy to show them. You can email or call me at 703-937-0328.