Friday, May 21, 2010

Home Sales and Rental at Ballston Station - May 21, 2010

Sales at Ballston Metro Station as of today:
These are the properties you can find in the following subdivisions:
Alta Vista - 5 one bedroom units - between 320k and 358k
3 two- bedroom units - between 460k and 600k
Ballston - 1 one bedroom = 409k
two bedroom units 465k and 485k
Ballston Area four Townhouses - between 480k and 570k
Ballston Place Tonwhouse - 600k
Three townhouses in Center Ballston - between 800k and $1,250,000
Continental - 3 efficiencies between 260k and 350k;
4 two bedroom units between 420k and 600k
Courts of Ballston townhouse - 870k
Eastview at Ballston - 6 one bedroom units -between 350k and 360k
Hawthorn - 1 two bedroom unit - 470k
Lexington Square - 3 one-bedroom units between 340k and 400k
1 three bedroom unit - 760k
Liberty Center - 2 bedroom - 636k
Old Ballston 2 units - 540k and 549k
Olde Ballston - townhouse - 650k
Residences at Liberty - 2 two-bedroom units - 600k and 625k
The Berkeley - 1 bedroom unit - 359k
3 two-bedroom units between 500k and 650k
The Monarch - 1 bedroom unit 360k
Westview at Ballston 1 two bedroom unit - 450k
2 one-bedroom units 350k and 370k
Windzor Plaza 1 bedroom unit - 350k

If you need detailed info or to see any of these and other units, just email me or call at 703-577-4277. But please get preapproved before I start showing you any units. It will save you and me time.

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