Monday, December 14, 2009


UPDATE DECEMEBER 14: There are 25 properties for rent and 49 for sale within the radius of 0.3 m to the Ballston metro.
If you are looking to rent, there are efficiencies, 1 bedroom condos and 2 bedroom condos within a short walking distance to the metro. For your info, efficiencies are $1,550/mo - 1,700/mo; 1 bedroom condos are between $1,700/mo-$2,100/mo depending on the amenities and age of the building; and 2 bedroom units are between $1,900/mo-$4,000/mo. The latter is 1,550 sq.ft and is fully finished.
As far as the sales are concerned, there are no foreclosure at the moment. You can find short sales: you can find four 2 bedroom units from $385,000 to $450k. I would recommend only making an offer on a short sale, if you are ready to have your deposit money put in an esrow account for a lengthy period of time. If you find a short sale, you need to at least have a knowledgeable realtor who has experience with short sales.
The rest of the properties are regular sales at a walking distance to the Ballston metro: condo units: 1 bedroom from $330k to $420k; 2 bedroom units from $390k to $895k and a townhouse from $595k for an older one to $800 for new ones; and detached houses: $625k for a cape code and $1,300k for 5 bedrooms 4 1/2 baths for a house built in 2006.
Need help? I can help you pick a good property for investment or residence.

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