Thursday, January 29, 2009

Steps to West and East Falls Church Metro Stations

Falls Church has two metro stations: West Falls Church and East Falls Church.
East Falls Church- radius of 0.4m from the metro: there are 12 properties for rent (price ranges from $1,800 t0 $3,800/mo) and 14 properties for sale (5 of which are condo units). Of the available townhouses and detached houses the cheapest if $500k and the most expensive is $1,240k. You shoudl know that the cheapest property (a detached house) is being used by the owner for storage.... Its living are is only 1,393 sq.ft...
West Falls Church - 05. radius from the metro - there are 22 properties on the market. 4 are for rent : $1,850 - $5,200/m0; and 18 for sale ($300k for a 2 bedroom 1 bath condo to $1,300k for a detached house built in 2007 .

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